How In Home Care works?

What does Live In - Care mean?

Some people ask - What is Live In - Care? This is where one of our professional carers lives with you in your own home – full time, seven days a week so there is always care on-hand whenever the client needs it.

24 hour live in care is a different and wonderful alternative to residential care. No distribution or upheaval and it still allows the client to be independent, stay close to family and friends, keep their pets and most importantly stay in their own homes.

Why use Inhomebridgecare?

We will help you source a live-in carer to look after your needs in your own home. You will remain in your home environment with extra support and safety so that your needs are met daily.

What qualifications will the carer have?

The carers have different qualifications. Depending on the Families' wishes and on patient's health condition, the caregiver would be chosen according to the patient's needs.

The family's profile is reviewed and a suitable match is made.

More qualified carers for more demanding patients are available.  We can organize a nurse, however this service would be more costly.

What kind of services can be provided to the client?

We can assist with personal care, reminder for medication needs, shopping, meal preparation as well as assisting with domestic duties. We can also support the client in accessing social activities in their local communities.

What must I provide for the carer?

Live in carer require their own bedroom and their meals every day. If you live out the country internet access ( not a requirement but maybe desired ) and use of a car ( if your requirement is that you need them to do your shopping, you can request that your carer hold a full clean driver’s licence)

What Nationality are the carers ?

Most of the carers are of Polish decent and speak good English

Is there tax relief available when you have live in carer?

Yes, there is Income tax Relief available to the client or their relatives at their top rate of tax, subject to conditions. This means that you could receive tax relief on the cost of the service. To make a claim you will need to complete form HK1 'Claim for an allowance for employing a Carer'.

Click here to download the HK1 Form